2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Source: ZHEJIANG DONGLI ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO.,LTDPublication time:2021-11-11

Social responsibility refers to the responsibility of enterprises to employees, consumers, environment and society while creating profits, pursuing development and safeguarding the interests of enterprises. As a leading enterprise in the domestic electric tool industry, the company has the courage to assume social responsibility. While the company develops, it constantly improves the corporate governance structure, deeply carries out energy conservation and emission reduction, actively participates in social public welfare undertakings, and promotes the comprehensive, natural and coordinated development of the company and society.

Reporting time range: August 2020 to July 2021.

Based on the long-term and continuous performance of social responsibility, the contents involved in this report include but are not limited to the reporting time. It is hoped that this report will become a bridge for communication and circulation between the company and all sectors of society, and a window for investors, consumers, suppliers, customers and creditors to understand and understand the company. At the same time, we also welcome all sectors of society to supervise the company and put forward more valuable opinions for the sustainable development of the company, so that the company can make better progress and development and return to the society.

This report is prepared in accordance with the company law and other relevant laws, regulations and normative documents, and in combination with the actual situation of the company in the performance of social responsibility. It is a summary of the company's performance of social responsibility in 2020-2021.

Access to the report: consumers, suppliers, distributors, regulatory authorities and other interested and responsible parties can download and read the report from the enterprise portal (HTTP / / www.dulee. Com), or call our company at 0579-89208768 to contact our company to obtain the written report.

Appendix: 2021 Cor Social Responsibility Report